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Nilanjana S Roy is the author of two novels, The Wildings (2012) and The Hundred Names of Darkness (2013), and a collection of essays on reading, The Girl Who Ate Books (2016). The Wildings won the 2012 Shakti Bhatt First Book Award and was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Book Prize and the Tata First Book Prize.



Her columns on reading and translations have appeared in the Business Standard; she was a contributing opinion writer for the New York Times in 2013-2014. Her essays and opinion pieces have appeared in Granta, Al-Jazeera, The Huffington Post, the BBC, the Caravan India and Outlook, among other places. She is the editor of an anthology of food writing, A Matter of Taste, and has contributed to other food and travel writing anthologies. She has worked in publishing and was chief editor at Westland Books. She often writes on free expression and censorship issues.


She lives in Delhi and is married to Devangshu Datta. They are jointly owned by three demanding cats.


Picture credit: Kavi Bhansali
The author, hard at work. Photo credit: ©KaviBhansali

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  1. Read Hundred Names in a straight four hours (in the train back from Jaipur; since I really couldn’t find space or time to read much in Jaipur itself this weekend) and loved it..slightly less than Wildings but that always happens to the younger sibling. My problems – I couldn’t understand why the Mara’s senses and the cats network didn’t stretch into the Golf Club if it could stretch all the way to Paolim, why was Magnificat so important to Mara and why darkness being your friend was so important to the plot?

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