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  • Black River

    Black River

    “The air crackles with dreams. Most of them are doomed to failure, but as soon as one unspoken dream dies, a thousand other migrants arrive with theirs, filling the air with a current of unceasing hope and burning longing.” Black River, now out in bookstores

  • Our Freedoms: an anthology of stories, essays and poems on liberty

    Our Freedoms: an anthology of stories, essays and poems on liberty

    Buy Our Freedoms at Juggernaut “With the idea of freedom becoming a distant memory with each passing day, it is difficult to describe the tenor of disquieting times like this. The recently-published anthology Our Freedoms does just that while amplifying voices that hope to make India’s constitutional morality unfailingly stronger. Edited by columnist Nilanjana S. Roy,…

  • About


    Nilanjana S Roy is the author of Black River, noir fiction that explores the aftermath of a terrible murder in the border village of Teetarpur, and grief, love and friendship in times of ferment and rising tensions. She has also published two award-winning fantasy novels (The Wildings and The Hundred Names of Darkness) and a…

  • Journal: The Creative Life & How I Write

    Journal: The Creative Life & How I Write

    The best writing advice ever is something you’ll hear from all the pros — figure out your rituals, use the space you have well instead of waiting for the perfect space, and most of all, write regularly. Back in my twenties, I’d hear all of this — write every day, write regularly, show up at…

  • The Wildings

    The Wildings

    Shortlisted for the Commonwealth Prize (2013), the Shakti Bhatt First Book Award (2013) and the Tata First Book Literary Award (2012) “You’re a Sender,” she remembered her mother telling her, the day she had opened her eyes for the first time. Mara had been curled up, a tiny comma against her mother’s warm flank, listening…