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    Nilanjana S Roy is the author of Black River, noir fiction that explores the aftermath of a terrible murder in the border village of Teetarpur, and grief, love and friendship in times of ferment and rising tensions. She has also published two award-winning fantasy novels (The Wildings and The Hundred Names of Darkness) and a […]

  • Journal: The Creative Life & How I Write

    Journal: The Creative Life & How I Write

    The best writing advice ever is something you’ll hear from all the pros — figure out your rituals, use the space you have well instead of waiting for the perfect space, and most of all, write regularly. Back in my twenties, I’d hear all of this — write every day, write regularly, show up at […]

  • The Wildings

    The Wildings

    Shortlisted for the Commonwealth Prize (2013), the Shakti Bhatt First Book Award (2013) and the Tata First Book Literary Award (2012) “You’re a Sender,” she remembered her mother telling her, the day she had opened her eyes for the first time. Mara had been curled up, a tiny comma against her mother’s warm flank, listening […]

  • About Nilanjana

    About Nilanjana

    The brief version: Nilanjana Roy is the author of The Wildings (Aleph Book Company, 2012) and The Hundred Names of Darkness (Aleph Book Company, November 2013). She is a contributing op-ed writer for the International New York Times, and she writes about books for the Business Standard, but mostly, she reads. And cooks, a little. […]

  • The Wildings

    From The Wildings, published by Aleph Book Company, August 2012: They began to stroll back home; the moon was passing behind clouds and its light was touched with purple and yellow, like an old bruise. They had almost reached the road to the canal when Southpaw felt all his fur stand up at once, Miao […]

  • Banned Books Week: The Freedom To Read

      In Barranquilla when Gabriel Garcia Marquez was beginning his writer’s apprenticeship, the beating heart of the city for its young journalists, writers and politicians was the Libreria Mundo, a bookstore run by Don Jorge Rondon. He ordered books, writes Garcia Marquez, “above all the new books from Buenos Aires, where publishers had begun the […]

  • The Wildings: Reviews, in Junglee

    (For The Wildings website, go here; to order a copy, go here.) Reviewer, hard at work. What the reviewers say: (Mostly) Ayes: “A few pages into Nilanjana Roy’s The Wildings, you’ll wish you had whiskers and could mew. The world as imagined by Roy in this remarkable debut is filled with marvels, not the least of which is the […]

  • About The Wildings

    Mara’s story She was an orange kitten with deep green eyes, no bigger than the palm of my partner’s hand. Mara had been rescued from a drain in Sujan Singh Park by my cousin, and was temporarily living with them and their three dogs. “We have to find someone to adopt her!” said Kamini. “Yes,” […]