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Gabriel Garcia Marquez

  I remembered [the town] as it was: a good place to live where everybody knew everybody else, located on the banks of a river of transparent water that raced over a bed of polished stones as huge and white as prehistoric eggs. At dusk, above all in December, when the rains had ended and […]


An open letter to S Anand

From The Hindu: The Delhi-based publisher Navayana has decided to cancel the agreement for release of the English translation of Mr. D’Cruz’s first Tamil novel Aazhi Soozh Ulagu (Ocean Ringed World) in the wake of his recent political stand on Mr. Modi. An open letter to S Anand and Navayana Dear Anand,   Somewhere along […]


Journal: All of love’s freedoms

Last week, my husband I celebrated the anniversary of our almost two-decade old marriage. We had a lot of trouble with that “marriage” business, and the term “husband” and “wife” when we decided to live together all those years ago. He and I didn’t like the fact that husband was a verb, while wife wasn’t: […]


Run, Lola, Run

Update: (Previously: Lola Kitty comes home.)


Journal: Lola Kitty comes home

One of the great joys of finishing the manuscript of The Hundred Names of Darkness was that short, tantalizing gap before Prabha Mallya sent in her illustrations. I couldn’t wait to see what she would make of the second book; her art for The Wildings had astonished and delighted me when I’d seen it. Interviewers […]

Hundreds of people turned out to support LGBT rights; this protestor was so striking.

Journal: No Going Back-Delhi against #377

Yes, we're broadening our interests.

Friends, Romans and country cats

Journal: “Where do you get your ideas from?”

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Journal: postcards, Italy


Blog: Lost and Found

Packing for a long trip, I push aside a stack of books and Agha’s words emerge, upside down, from between Manguel’s Dictionary of Imaginary Places and a water-stained, tobacco-stained copy of Government In the Dominions, which is where his Kashmir might have fitted, too. Some years after he printed this out for me, we moved […]


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