How to illustrate your news story on rape

(From the Feb 2012 Times of India story, ‘Constable booked for raping minor’:

(From the Times of India story on the Kolkata car rape victim)

(From IBN Live news reports; this seems to be a standard IBN visual for rape news stories)

(From IBN Live news reports; FirstPost carried the same screengrab)






2 responses to “How to illustrate your news story on rape”

  1. Sanket Avatar

    Nilanjana , I come from mumbai and have been staying in Gurgaon for last one year. I love Dilli for all the great places i visited, awesome food and nice people yet it's the most scariest and most unsafe place i have ever seen.Many of my female friends are scared to venture out in the night. I have never seen such disparity between two metros whre I come from and the national capital. There is a serious lack of security measures here that makes it so vulnerable to heinous crimes.I still find Mumbai much safer in-spite of its contradictions , despite of its contradictions.

  2. adee Avatar

    the last one is almost a standard now. i saw it in the Pioneer as well.but why the use of this imagery? as if the news reports are not graphic enough 😦 there is a news today in the Pioneer about a death sentence awarded to a man who raped a 3 year old. the judge's sentence and the news report, both are graphical in nature. i don't know if that was necessary!

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