Zinedine Mersault

Roger Cohen compares Zidane to…Camus?

Camus, writing during World War II, the son of a man killed in World War I, captured a 20th-century senselessness in his story of a man driven to an irrational act for which he feels no remorse, for which in fact he feels nothing. The story of Zidane in the World Cup final is also a story of his age.

Hmmm. To quote Camus himself, “That must be wonderful. I have no idea of what it means.”





4 responses to “Zinedine Mersault”

  1. Amit Chatterji Avatar

    Penetrating. This was what I’d often thought was Zidane’s reason – a heady dismissal of the cold, neat, safe fashioning of history. And the unravelling of Zidane’s head by Camus’ text doesn’t surprise me, because isn’t that what novelists and neurosurgeons are supposed to do – rip open the human skull and look inside?

  2. sabizak Avatar

    What amazing crap! And it gets published too.

  3. St Antonym Avatar

    Those are the only two Arabs Roger Cohen knows of. So they must be the same. Never mind that one is a murderer, and the other is a noble man who sacrificed conventional praise for the satisfactions of his own conscience.No. They are both North African arabs, so they are no different from each other.First class idiocy.

  4. dumbdog Avatar

    and here’s inrdajit hazra’s piecehttp://www.hindustantimes.com/news/181_1741662,00120002.htmpublished on 11/7, two days before cohen’s.

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