From Zigzackly, courtesy the Margin Alien, via Anvar Alikhan.

Change one letter in a book title and you get a whole new story..

The Bobbit

Small man with big feet tries frantically to find someone in Middle Earth who can re-attach his penis.

The Catcher in the Rue

Sensitive French kid walks the cold Parisian streets, filled with angst. He has a beret with big earflaps, which he insists on wearing backwards.

The Gropes of Wrath

Sexual harrassment in the Depression.

One Hundred Bears of Solitude

Alas, there are only about 8 dozen of them left in Colombia today.

The God of Small Thongs

Arundhati Roy’s haunting story of a South Indian lingerie tycoon.

The Fridges of Madison County

The history of refrigeration in Iowa.

Sour Man in Havana

Disgruntled tourist in cold war Cuba.


700 pages of drivel.

The Sound and the Furry

The only really useful guide to healthy animals in the American Deep South …

Got more? Add them to Zigzackly. This is what the Babu has to offer:

To Bill A Mockingbird

From the old South, a tale of racist corporations out to bankrupt a fine and upright man by overcharging him for everything

The Wind in the Pillows

Tragic love story centering around what happens when flatulent hero sleeps with head the wrong way around

Mom Jones

Chicklit goes grey when a dissatisfied suburban housewife decides to craft her own picaresque adventure

Withering Heights

The king of the killer review gets his comeuppance on the moors

The Call of the Mild

The ultimate gerbil adventure story

No idea where this originated–if it’s from you, Anvar, take a bow. If not, tell me whose idea it was originally.





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