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  • Getting Around Your City: A User’s Guide For Women

    (I wrote this for Jagori and Gauri Gill’s Transportraits, an exhibition on women and mobility in the city. It’s somewhere between a rant and a cross letter to the editor. And two brilliant examples of what the exhibition had to offer: Blank Noise’s Step By Step Guide To Unapologetic Walking Amruta Patil’s Navigation, Safe Passage.) […]

  • Blank Incredulity

    (For Time Out, October 10, 2006)The report was disturbing: “A midnight march by women [in Delhi] to protest against “touching, staring, groping, pinching and stalking” sounded heroic enough until the protesters ran into stalking Romeos lining up the path…the protesters were “leched” at, ridiculed and booed along the three-kilometre stretch of the march.” How typical, […]