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  • Speaking Volumes: The listener and the storyteller

    Speaking Volumes: The listener and the storyteller

    (Published in the Business Standard, June 2, 2014) http://blogs.wfmt.com/offmic/2014/05/28/web-exclusive-maya-angelou/ In 1970, an interviewer whose collection of oral narratives would transform North America’s sense of history had a long chat with an author whose memories of her own history would transform the lives of thousands across the world. The recording of that interview between Studs Terkel […]

  • The BS column: Dilli’s dastangois

    (Published in the Business Standard, February 2012)If you were telling a story in the Cameroons, you might start with: “A fable! A fable! Bring it! Bring it!” Most Bengalis know the folktale riff on “Once upon a time”: “Once there was a king, once there was a queen…” Many tales begin with: “Once there was, […]