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  • Book review: Home Fire by Kamila Shamsie

    Book review: Home Fire by Kamila Shamsie

    Home Fire Kamila Shamsie Bloomsbury, 264 pages ISBN: 9781408886786 “I have been a stranger here in my own land: All my life” – Antigone, in the play by Sophocles, b circa 496 BC It takes nerve and a steady hand for a writer to adapt a classic. The pitfalls are many – the Mahabharata, and Shakespeare’s […]

  • Rant: The Death of Criticism (Yes, Again)

    This post by Amitava Kumar reminded me of a debate that happened in several tents at the Jaipur Litfest, and that’s been continuing in several virtual tents for the last decade in India. It’s second only to the Whither? (Whither the Novel? Whither writing in English in India?) questions in the persistence with which it […]

  • The BS Column: Gunfight at the I’m-Not-OK Corral

    (Published in the Business Standard, 8th July, 2009) “Roberta Silman in the Boston Globe is a moron.” It was the first of 27 tweets—short, messages uploaded on a Twitter feed—that the writer Alice Hoffman posted last week, in response to an unenthusiastic review of her book by Silman. Over the next few hours, Hoffman fumed, […]