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  • Speaking Volumes: India’s suffragette-princess

    Speaking Volumes: India’s suffragette-princess

    In the next few years, Queen Victoria’s god-daughter would become a headache for the British government. Sophia marched with Pankhurst, witnessing and being badly jostled in the many assaults on the suffragettes by London’s police; she funded the cause, and joined the hundreds of women who refused to pay their taxes until they had the vote. In a more flamboyant moment, Sophia attempted to stop the prime minister’s car as it left Downing Street; she had concealed her women’s rights poster in her fashionable furs.

  • Book review: Joseph Anton

    Journal of the plague years (Published in the Business Standard, September 2012) A meme, defined by Richard Dawkins, is a unit of cultural transmission by which ideas spread through a network. If the idea catches on, it transmits itself, spreading from brain to brain. The Rushdie meme was born on Valentine’s Day, 1989, after the […]