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  • In translation: Bhisham Sahni’s truths

    In translation: Bhisham Sahni’s truths

    Only four episodes of Bhisham Sahni’s Tamas had been shown on Doordarshan when Ramesh Dalal petitioned the courts in the 1980s, asking them to stop the telecast. He felt that Tamas could disrupt public order, promote feelings of enmity and argued that “truth in its naked form may not always be desirable to be told […]

  • The collector of tears

    (January 26, 2007, Business Standard) In the first few chapters of Kitne Pakistan, the nameless adeeb or writer who holds this mammoth novel together meets an old peasant who collects tears. “I have a laboratory… There, I collect the tears of the dispossessed, the oppressed and the tormented, and of those caught in the tentacles […]