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  • The furore over 2(m) and parallel imports

    The problem with the debate over parallel imports is that it has, inevitably, pitted the interests of readers, students and academics against the interests of authors, publishers, and well, readers again. As someone who might write books at some point, and who’s worked in the publishing industry, I was very glad to hear that the […]

  • Parallel imports (3): From the publishing industry

    (The debate over parallel imports is a matter of public interest–it affects readers, writers and the publishing industry. This is why the publishing industry thinks the 2m amendment will be bad for business–copyright lawyers have had a very different perspective. To follow the debate, read back on Divya Dubey’s blog: here, here, here and here. […]

  • Parallel imports (2): Publishing and the 2(m) amendment

    (This was a follow-up to the blog post on parallel imports, below; carried in the Business Standard, February 19th. Thomas Abraham and Prof Shamnad Basheer continue the debate over at Divya Dubey’s blog, in considerable depth.)Call this the war of the slogans. On one side, copyright lawyers and the Ministry of Human Resource Development offer […]

  • Parallel imports: what readers should know

    Just a quick summary of the intense debates around the possibility of opening up the Indian publishing market to “parallel imports”. This is in many ways a very technical issue; the proposed amendments to the Indian Copyright laws would allow parallel imports of books in India, and would effectively change the way publishers in the […]