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  • Günter Grass and the losers of history

    Günter Grass and the losers of history

    (Published in the Business Standard, April 14, 2015) When I heard that Gunter Grass had died at 87, in the town of Lubek, I thought of what he had been at 17 and 18. He was still a boy then, despite what he’d seen in World War Two. He weighed just 110 pounds in his […]

  • The BS column: The Nobel over the century

    (Published in the Business Standard on October 5, 2010, three days before the Nobel went to Mario Vargas Llosa.) This Thursday, the next Nobel Laureate in Literature will be announced. Salman Rushdie, alas, is way down on Ladbroke’s list of betting odds along with Mahasweta Devi, but some would consider 66/1 a sporting chance — […]

  • The BS Column: The unbearable heaviness of the Nobel

    (Published in the Business Standard, 12 October 2009)Herta Müller, the new Nobel laureate in literature, has been a fierce critic of Ceauşescu’s regime in Romania. She is highly regarded in Europe’s academic circles. She had received over 20 literary awards, including the IMPAC, before winning the Nobel this year. And I must confess an unliterary […]

  • The BS Column: A Nobel for Mr Dylan

    (Published in the Business Standard, September 29, 2009. I wrote this yesterday, unfortunately before someone sent me the link to this piece today-but it’s nice to know we had the same idea.)How many roads must a poet walk down before he is awarded a Nobel? The odds on the Swedish Academy announcing in a week’s […]

  • Orhan Pamuk’s furious flame

    (For the Business Standard, October 16, 2006) “I don’t want to be an artist,” I said. “I’m going to be a writer.” That is the last line of Istanbul, Orhan Pamuk’s haunted tribute to the city where he has lived for the last fifty years. The book is the biography of a city, written by […]