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  • Booklove: “Being here” — on Nadine Gordimer’s life

    Booklove: “Being here” — on Nadine Gordimer’s life

    "Her life as a writer had begun with the refusal to look only at what was safe to look at: when she saw Johannesburg, she saw (with greater clarity over the decades) how her country was split into black and white, how the schools were different, how a black child like her might not grow up to be a writer as she had, because only one of them had the right of access into the local library."

  • Speaking Volumes: A legend at lunch

    Getting older has its privileges, if very few of them. One is the pleasure of meeting an author who has shaped your world view over the course of decades. Back in the 1990s, Nadine Gordimer had an unexpected effect on the narrow world of Delhi University‚Äôs students. She was often cited, her works were passed […]