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  • Favourite Reads, 2016

    Favourite Reads, 2016

    (Published in the Business Standard, December 2016) Some of the pleasure of a Books of the Year list is felt by the reader, but only some. I hope I never grow so jaded as to lose the pleasure of going over each month’s reading diary, revisiting the surprise of discovery, the deeper satisfaction of letting […]

  • Booklove: “Being here” — on Nadine Gordimer’s life

    Booklove: “Being here” — on Nadine Gordimer’s life

    "Her life as a writer had begun with the refusal to look only at what was safe to look at: when she saw Johannesburg, she saw (with greater clarity over the decades) how her country was split into black and white, how the schools were different, how a black child like her might not grow up to be a writer as she had, because only one of them had the right of access into the local library."