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  • Department of Rants: The 2 am rule for rapists

    “If you travel alone after 2 am and become victim of a crime, the police alone can’t be blamed. It is advisable that a relative or friend is with you at odd hours.” Delhi Police chief, BK Gupta, on crimes against women in the capital. I’m assuming the Delhi Police chief, Mr BK Gupta, is […]

  • Blank Incredulity

    (For Time Out, October 10, 2006)The report was disturbing: “A midnight march by women [in Delhi] to protest against “touching, staring, groping, pinching and stalking” sounded heroic enough until the protesters ran into stalking Romeos lining up the path…the protesters were “leched” at, ridiculed and booed along the three-kilometre stretch of the march.” How typical, […]