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  • Speaking Volumes: The Unruly Past

    Speaking Volumes: The Unruly Past

    (Published in the Business Standard, April 14, 2014) In 2003, a study asked 569 college students what their memories of 9/11 were. Seventy-three per cent “remembered” seeing television footage of the first plane crash into the north tower of the World Trade Centre; so did the neuroscientist Karim Nader, who was in New York at […]

  • Free speech primer: a user’s guide

    Free speech primer: a user’s guide

    Prem Panicker and Nisha Susan asked me to do this for Yahoo! India; it’s a compilation of the work done by many other people, writers, lawyers and activists, on free speech issues in India over the years. Read the primer here: How to Fight Censorship and Remain Free One of the earliest references to the […]

  • Speaking Volumes: Riotous Writers

      (Published in the Business Standard, June 18, 2013) Remember the old joke about the Soviet Union? Two friends, an American and a Russian, are engaged in competitive bragging. “My country is so free,” says the American, “that I can stand on the steps of the White House and shout, ‘Ronald Reagan is a crook […]

  • Banned Books Week: Mukul Kesavan on common responses

    (Note: Though this was written after a particular event at the Jaipur Literature Festival, 2012, many of the arguments about provocation, the responsibility of the artist and the threat of violence Mukul Kesavan summarises below are made every time there’s a book/ film ban or a censorship debate in India. The question Kesavan raises towards […]