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  • The Wildings: Mara’s story

    The Wildings: Mara’s story

    Mara’s story She was an orange kitten with deep green eyes, no bigger than the palm of my partner’s hand. Mara had been rescued from a drain in Sujan Singh Park by my cousin, and was temporarily living with them and their three dogs. “We have to find someone to adopt her!” said Kamini. “Yes,” […]

  • Imaginary places: The Wildings map

    Imaginary places: The Wildings map

    I wish I’d learned to draw properly (more School of Gunter Grass, less School of Edna O’Brien). I blame some of my woeful inability to sketch anything at all on the art teacher who made us draw apples for three months straight after which I a) nursed an aversion to drawing b) still associate apples […]

  • Run, Lola, Run

    Run, Lola, Run

    Update: (Previously: Lola Kitty comes home.)

  • Journal: Lola Kitty comes home

    Journal: Lola Kitty comes home

    One of the great joys of finishing the manuscript of The Hundred Names of Darkness was that short, tantalizing gap before Prabha Mallya sent in her illustrations. I couldn’t wait to see what she would make of the second book; her art for The Wildings had astonished and delighted me when I’d seen it. Interviewers […]

  • Nine Lives, jugalbandhi

    Illustrations: Prabha Mallya; Text; Nilanjana Roy (I wrote Nine Lives for Bombay Mid-Day, when they asked for a story about cats in 140 words. Then Prabha sent this stunning illustrated version.) More about The Wildings here. 

  • 140-word fiction: Nine Lives

    (Sunday Mid-Day asked for a cat story, in 140 words. Here it is.) My nine lives? I had a house, once, and Bigfeet of my own: then they packed everything, except me, and left. There was a word for kittens who wandered outside for the first time: prey. Seven bird kills, eight battles with rats, […]