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  • Booklove: The lives of successful readers

    Booklove: The lives of successful readers

    (Published in the Business Standard, July 16, 2013) The last time I saw back issues of the Indian Review of Books, they were being weighed on a rusted scale, part of a job lot of Illustrated Weeklies and Chandamamas that a Daryaganj pavement bookseller was discarding. The Review was, from 1992 to August 2001, one […]

  • Booklove: sorting the books

    “We’re done,” I said. It had taken almost two weeks of sweat–all too literal, in Delhi’s humidity–to clean up our bookshelves, and I was staring at the end result. The Holy Grail of bookshelves, the ultimate shrine, the sanctum sanctorum, the point where every booklover and hoarder’s pilgrimage ends: we had an empty shelf. Two. […]

  • Speaking Volumes: Bookshoppery

    (I’d written most of this column when I sent an idle tweet out, asking people to name their favourite bookshops. The response went on for the next two days: below the column, some favourite tweets. Thank you all for crowdsourcing this! ) Published in the Business Standard, May 20, 2013   Bookshops that aren’t really […]