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  • It’s hard to find articles about writers in the Indian media that don’t reduce the breed to a stream of soundbytes, which is why the Babu was delighted to see this profile of Vijay Tendulkar in a recent issue of Man’s World. The photographs by Ashima Narain are a treat. The Boston Globe thinks Theory […]

  • Tanya Grotter, Barry Trotter…move over for the Bengali version. The Babu is disappointed in his brethren: they have restricted themselves merely to producing unauthorised Bengali translations of the Harry Potter books. What, no Harendranath Parthar Darun Golpo? The Babu recognises that his interest in the Commonwealth Prize is at best tepid. His real excuse for […]

  • The Babu is not a fan of Meera Syal’s writings (her books do not inspire the gag reflex brought on by Chitra B Divakaruni’s work, but that’s about it). On the other hand, he has nutured hopes that Syal might be dazzled enough by his impecccable dhoti to invite him to join the cast of […]

  • The Babu regrets his absent-mindedness–forgot to link to this article about Khushwant Singh. (The Washington Post may require you to go through a brief registration process–tedious but worth it.) Another fortnight before The Hindu, once the last of the gunslingers when it came to defending the sanctity of its literary pages, posts its Literary Section–now […]

  • Even before Yann Martel, The Babu knew there was a reason why he loved the free spirits who run Canongate. Join their campaign–support The War Against Terrorism (TWAT for short). Every war produces its blue-eyed intellectuals, and the name that’s on everyone’s lips is Fareed Zakaria. Here’s a somewhat gushy profile of the man. The […]