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  • The BS column: Dilli’s dastangois

    (Published in the Business Standard, February 2012)If you were telling a story in the Cameroons, you might start with: “A fable! A fable! Bring it! Bring it!” Most Bengalis know the folktale riff on “Once upon a time”: “Once there was a king, once there was a queen…” Many tales begin with: “Once there was, […]

  • Lunch with the BS: Mahmood Farooqui

    (Published in the Business Standard, August 24, 2010) As the most recent chronicler of the Mutiny of 1857 makes the passage from Jamia Milia University to the Saket Mall, he peers out at the current ghadar on the streets. “This city has never stopped being under construction,” he says, “for centuries.” The tamasha over the […]