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  • How can we look away?

    How can we look away?

    My piece in Time magazine on hangings, and the impossibility of closure: People could not look away from her death and her rape, from every last, painful detail; so many Indians mourned bitterly, as though they had lost someone of their own. But if these four men are hanged, when the process of appeals and […]

  • December 2012: Delhi, We Want Justice

    December 2012: Delhi, We Want Justice

    A few posts and articles from my December journal: Notes from Raisina Hill December 18-22, Journal: Some boys climb up the lamp posts, holding up their slogans: Hang Rapists, Stop Violence, Respect Women. They’re received with loud cheers, and then an even bigger cheer goes up when one young woman scales a lamppost. Soon, all […]