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  • Favourite Reads, 2016

    Favourite Reads, 2016

    (Published in the Business Standard, December 2016) Some of the pleasure of a Books of the Year list is felt by the reader, but only some. I hope I never grow so jaded as to lose the pleasure of going over each month’s reading diary, revisiting the surprise of discovery, the deeper satisfaction of letting […]

  • Speaking Volumes: Han Kang and (in)humanity

    Speaking Volumes: Han Kang and (in)humanity

    May is an ominous month for students. In 1989, thousands of students spent the month marching and gathering in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, after the death of the liberal reformer Hu Yaobang. The answer to their demands for democratic reform and more freedoms came on May 20, when martial law was declared in Beijing. Citizens […]

  • The 2006 round up

    (December 26, 2006, Speaking Volumes, Business Standard) (I thought this was a bread-and-butter round-up, and was very surprised when it was ripped off by a young journo working for a paper that shall not be named. {oh go on, guess.} The journalist’s defense was that many other columnists had written about Frey and Potter, if […]