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  • Neil Gaiman on kindness

    Neil Gaiman on kindness

    From a recent interview with Neil Gaiman: Towards the end of our chat, I asked: “You’ve said this consistently for 20, 30 years: Be Kind. Why is kindness so important for writers and creators?”I loved Gaiman’s answer: “Because there’s lots of other people out there saying the other stuff, and because there aren’t enough […]

  • Travelling tales: The Panchatantra

    For the BBC’s 100 Stories That Shaped The World, I wrote about The Panchatantra, and a subject I love – myths, fables, and how far they travel. “In the first millennium, roughly 1,500 years ago, a pair of jackals began travelling around the world. They were known in India as Karataka and Damanaka, and they were […]

  • The FT column: Future Shocks

    The FT column: Future Shocks

    The pull of dystopia might be that it allows us to explore present-day anxieties more easily by setting them safely in the future. This week’s column explored what we’re worrying about: “I am Borne. I talking talking talking.” One of the first complete sentences he says to Rachel introduces one of the great conundrums of […]

  • The Cursed Child and The Boy Who Grew Up

    The Cursed Child and The Boy Who Grew Up

    (Published in the Business Standard, August 2, 2016) Mrs. Darling came to the window, for at present she was keeping a sharp eye on Wendy. She told Peter that she had adopted all the other boys, and would like to adopt him also. “Would you send me to school?” he inquired craftily. “Yes.” “And then […]

  • Speaking Volumes: An epic wait

    (Published in the Business Standard, July 18, 2011) “Spent a morning writing and we are now in sight of Minas Morghul,” JRR Tolkien wrote cheerfully to his son Christopher in 1944. He was happily occupied, despite the tendency of the book to grow almost of its own volition, and believed he would finish soon. It […]