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Akhond of Swat: This is where I used to archive most of the journalism and the columns.


Kitabkhana: Probably India’s first lit-blog, Kitabkhana was run under the auspices of Hurree Babu. I stole the Babu from Kim, assuming that Kipling wouldn’t mind.

7 thoughts on “Blogs

  1. Thank you for writing the article in NEWS REVIEW of today’s SUNDAY TIMES in UK. I did not know about the old cases you mentioned in your article. The authorities try very hard to hide..

  2. I have never commented on journalism before, but I have just read the article in Sunday Times News Review, and feel so humbled and angry, that I had to follow it up. This article made me see the magnitude of the distress in womens’ lives in India. I have to thank you and hope that in some small way it helps to start putting things right. I am passing it round my friends too.

  3. Hi Nilanjana
    Read a few of your articles in the newspaper where I was working, The Independent daily and I am glad to connect with you. Love the blog and looking to some of your advice on journalism.

  4. Dear Nilanjana:

    Just read your wonderful essay “How I became a time-millionaire”. Caught between the realisation that “time is the diminishing dimension of existence” and the Kiplingesque challenge of “filling the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distant run” I have often wondered how to make the time one spends fulfilling, without having any regrets. Your insightful piece in today’s FT Weekend appeared to provide some answers !! Indeed, to have all the time in the world is what every one should aim for but for this to happen we need to surmount the first hurdle successfully : we should be engaged only in those things that bring us happiness. When we do the things we truly love, even the passage of time will occur unknowingly or at least smoothly without our being acutely conscious of the ticking seconds because then we will be living in the moment, as the phrase goes.

    Thanks again for the wonderful piece that makes one think deeply about the time that we have at our disposal particularly when 24 hours are handed to us fresh for spending every day !!

    Pradeep Gopalan

    1. Many thanks, Pradeep, and my apologies for responding so late – I’ve only just caught up with some of the comments.
      I love this heartfelt response, and the idea of seeing those 24 hours as “fresh” time: such wealth, no?

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