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My blog:

Akhond of Swat: This is where I used to archive most of the journalism and the columns.


Kitabkhana: Probably India’s first lit-blog, Kitabkhana was run under the auspices of Hurree Babu. I stole the Babu from Kim, assuming that Kipling wouldn’t mind.

5 thoughts on “Blogs

  1. Thank you for writing the article in NEWS REVIEW of today’s SUNDAY TIMES in UK. I did not know about the old cases you mentioned in your article. The authorities try very hard to hide..

  2. I have never commented on journalism before, but I have just read the article in Sunday Times News Review, and feel so humbled and angry, that I had to follow it up. This article made me see the magnitude of the distress in womens’ lives in India. I have to thank you and hope that in some small way it helps to start putting things right. I am passing it round my friends too.

  3. Hi Nilanjana
    Read a few of your articles in the newspaper where I was working, The Independent daily and I am glad to connect with you. Love the blog and looking to some of your advice on journalism.

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