The FT column: Present, please

On over-gifting, under-gifting, and finding the right present – my column for the Financial Times this week:

“Perhaps you should give only what establishes trust, or creates welcome surprise, though this is utopian — much of gift-giving is driven by the impulse to flatter, to bribe or to appease a guilty conscience. Old manuscripts — Indian, Chinese and medieval Italian — are a reminder that gift-giving has always been a complicated business, pocked with cultural pitfalls, often trapping givers into an endless cycle of reciprocity. A classic dilemma: what to give the man or woman who already had an empire at their disposal?”

A dodo, gifted to the Emperor Jahangir, painted by Mansur









3 responses to “The FT column: Present, please”

  1. vishalbheeroo Avatar

    I am bad with selecting gifts and hope I can read the column at a later stage for to read apparently asking one to pay for subscription. The dodo is a beautiful present to give.

    1. Nilanjana S Roy Avatar

      Thanks, Vishal. The FT has a policy asking columnists not to share content from behind their paywall, but I think some
      of them are free to read from time to time.

      1. vishalbheeroo Avatar

        Thanks much Nilanjana and for putting the amazing excerpt in your latest kal. Every word is pricelessly written:)

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