Month: November 2016

  • Speaking Volumes: Afterwards

    Speaking Volumes: Afterwards

    In a world where entire sections of the population embrace the politics of hate and anger, acquiring power through the careful nurturing of grudges and grievance, it is not an ordinary act to choose the path of radical love: on Antoine Leiris’ You Will Not Have My Hate.

  • Speaking Volumes: Unfree – what to expect next

    This week’s column will absolutely not sound the alarm on free speech and the future of India’s liberal democracy. That would be like standing up at the RK Puram intersection and announcing that the air in Delhi feels a trifle murky these days. Instead, this column will point out gently that democracy is not an […]

  • Speaking Volumes: Tagore’s anti-nationalism

    Speaking Volumes: Tagore’s anti-nationalism

    Tagore on nationalism: “To rid the world of the suffocating coils of national pride …”

  • Speaking Volumes: Brothers in Arms

    Speaking Volumes: Brothers in Arms

    Early on in Brothers, Tapti, on her way home from visiting a prisoner in Tihar Jail, scans a newspaper and the headlines leap out at her; murder, rape. “Despite its vaunted spirituality, India is a bloodthirsty nation. Murder because you gave money, because you owed money, because you loved, or didn’t love, because you were […]

  • Speaking Volumes: Stranger Things

    Speaking Volumes: Stranger Things

    It took about 30 years for political pundits across continents to start discussing the consequences of the “post-truth”, “post-fact” world; Alvin Toffler got there first, back in 1997.