Month: December 2015

  • Selected journalism

    Selected journalism

    Miscellaneous: cats, creativity, evil   Stray Cat Blues: “Over the years, the other three cats—Mara, Tiglath and Lola—had shown us how easy it is to cross the divide between animal and human. Attentiveness and empathy bridges most communication gaps. This turned out to be applicable to many other species, from elephants and stray dogs to […]

  • A clutch of covers

    A clutch of covers

    The year went by in such a whoosh of edits, columns and tentative dabs at some new writing that it took me a while to realise that The Girl Who Ate Books had actually been finished, dented, painted, buffed and handed over to Somak and Krishan at HarperCollins. (Backstory here.) And that The Wildings and […]

  • Speaking Volumes: Mr Cornwell and Mr Le Carré

    Speaking Volumes: Mr Cornwell and Mr Le Carré

    John Le Carré: The Biography Adam Sisman Bloomsbury Publishing, 672 pages (Reviewed for the Business Standard, November 2015) In the spring of 2011, Adam Sisman went through John Le Carré’s papers for the first time, examining the contents of boxes stacked in a converted garage near his home in Tregiffian, Cornwall. (Le Carré is addressed […]