Month: August 2014

  • The Creative Life: Pamela Timms

    THE CREATIVE LIFE: PAMELA TIMMS  (Introducing a new section on the site: an occasional series of interviews with people whose writings/ art/ music/ creative work have inspired me.) Pamela Timms is the author of Korma, Kheer and Kismet (Aleph Book Company), which covers five seasons of the sizzling love affair between her and Old Delhi’s […]

  • Speaking Volumes: Unbleaching the First World War

    Speaking Volumes: Unbleaching the First World War

    (Published in the Business Standard, August 11, 2014) Mall Singh’s voice carries from 1918 across to this century, telling the story of the First World War as it is only now being told: “There was once a man. He used to eat butter in his native Hindustan. This man then came into the European war […]

  • Speaking Volumes: UR Ananthamurthy and the Quiet Majority

    (Published in the Business Standard, August 26, 2014) The education of UR Ananthamurthy, the redoubtable Kannada writer who died at the age of 81, was as distinctively Indian as his writings would be. In an interview with All India Radio, he spoke of growing up in Kerekoppa–“Ours was the only home in the forest”—and going […]

  • Happy Cortázar Centenary

    Julio Cortázar, Elecciones insólitas.   No está convencido. No está para nada convencido. Le han dado a entender que puede elegir entre una banana, un tratado de Marcel, tres pares de calcetines de nilón, una cafetera garantida, una rubia de costumbres elásticas o la jubilación antes de la edad reglamentaria , pero sin embargo no está convencido. Su reticencia provoca […]