Month: November 2013

  • Journal: “Where do you get your ideas from?”

  • Journal: postcards, Italy

    Journal: postcards, Italy
  • Blog: Lost and Found

    Blog: Lost and Found

    Packing for a long trip, I push aside a stack of books and Agha’s words emerge, upside down, from between Manguel’s Dictionary of Imaginary Places and a water-stained, tobacco-stained copy of Government In the Dominions, which is where his Kashmir might have fitted, too. Some years after he printed this out for me, we moved […]

  • Blog: Up with the stars

    This happened on the world’s highest motorable world, back in the 2000s when so few vehicles made the long, difficult journey to Leh and Ladakh that some days we drove without seeing more than one Army truck, across the Morey Plains. It was a lonely road, and I remember that on the return journey, the […]

  • Booklove: Coolie Woman, and Immigrant #96153

    Booklove: Coolie Woman, and Immigrant #96153

    (Published in the Business Standard, Tuesday, 12th November, 2013; this is the last of the weekly columns I’ve been writing for the paper for over 15 years. From December, the column will continue, but I’m shifting to once-a-month to make time for other kinds of writing.)   On 29th July 1903, the woman whom Gaiutra […]

  • Blog: Packing-Shacking

    Blog: Packing-Shacking

    I miss trunks. They were egalitarian: every house had a shiny steel one or a black lacquered beast that in effect, was a small room pretending to be an article of baggage. You could do things to them that would lend trunks a hint of glamour–like so: …but nothing could cover up their essential squat […]

  • Blog: Double roti

    Blog: Double roti

    “Some 80 percent of a loaf of bread consists of nothing more than air. But air is not nothing. In bread, it is where much of the flavor resides, and is the reason bread is so much more aromatic than porridge. The air trapped in the alveoli conducts bread’s aromas–the two hundred or so volatile […]

  • The Hundred Names of Darkness

    The Hundred Names of Darkness

    “The night hides more than predators until we know it so well that we can speak its many names without fear; and yet, we live most keenly under the wing of darkness.” ~ Kirri The Hundred Names of Darkness, Aleph Book Company “But how do you make friends with the night?” From the branches of […]