The Gospel of Twitter, In Seven Tweets


1)   In The Beginning Was The Tweet, And The Tweet Was With God, And The Tweet Was God.

2)   Thou Shalt Worship Only The God Of Twitter, Putting Aside The False Gods Of Reddit, FaceBook, FourSquare And All Other Abominations.

3)   Lead Me From The Word To The Tweet, From Facebook To Twitter, From Zero Followers to As Many Followers As The Real Arnab Goswami Has.

4)   Lead us not into temptation, and deliver us from all trolls, no matter how juicy and promising, how ungrammatical and illogical the bait might be.

5)   Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s troll. Nor shalt thou smite thy trolls needlessly (see below).

6)   Verily, for unto each troll, a Block button is born.

7)   Grant us the serenity to accept the tweets we cannot change; courage to change the tweets we can; and the wisdom to not tweet the difference.

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