Month: February 2013

  • Speaking Volumes: Invitations to a Hanging

    (Published in the Business Standard, 12 February, 2012)     Not so long ago, the streets of Delhi echoed with the cries of “Phansi do! Phansi do!” Teenagers as young as 17 and 18 called for death to rapists, holding up hand-drawn posters that showed shaky, childishly scrawled gallows.   It is so easy to bring […]

  • Pictures at an Exhibition

    (Wrote this for my journal, and then Newslaundry asked if they could have it. Published in Newslaundry, 7th February, 2013) This is what it came down to, the Voice of Enraged India raised against the unspeakable filth of Westernised India: a small group of about 20-30 women, one man appointing himself as one of their […]

  • Speaking Volumes: Freedom For The Thought We Hate

    (A shorter version of this was published in the Business Standard, 4th February, 2013. This is only a brief and partial look at some judgements on free speech and artistic expression in India, and does not claim to be comprehensive.) The problem with this country’s vast throngs of would-be censors, from the genuinely easily offended […]