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  1. Recently I was strolling through Alaknanda Market near GK2 and I saw several lit candles around a tree with three placards which read somewhat like this – “Hang the rapists in public. We want justice. Casterize[sic] them.” (they probably meant castrate them). That made me wonder whether this is what justice means to the masses. Making a spectacle and fulfilling their bloodlust. We love to endorse these medieval sentiments and yet claim we are the progressive faction of the society. We go ballistic and condemn with all our vigor the policemen who lathicharge on a mob, yet when a thief is caught in our neighborhood we don’t think twice before beating the crap out of him, sometimes even killing the guy for a petty theft – and why? To teach all criminals a lesson? No. Just to capitalize on an excuse to justify exercising our latent barbarism. Perhaps those protestors have learnt to respect women (though I still have my doubts) but they certainly haven’t learnt to respect humanity yet. It’s just sad that we are passing on our hidden lust for savagery to our children through actions like these.

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