Mulk Raj reads from Untouchable, for the South Asian Literary Recordings Project

(Amardeep Singh (@Electrostani on Twitter) on why he thinks Untouchable is a copout:




“Presumably, therefore, the fate of the English language in Asia is either to fade out or to survive as a pidgin language useful for business and technical purposes. It might survive, in dialect form, as the mother tongue of the small Eurasian community, but it is difficult to believe that it has a literary future. Mr Anand and Ahmed Ali are much better writers than the average run of English novelists, but they are not likely to have many successors.”


George Orwell, getting it wrong in his review of The Sword and The Sickle by Mulk Raj Anand.

(Mulk Raj Anand, died September 28, 2004)