Month: March 2012

  • The BS column: Rule, Britannica (online only)

    (Published in the Business Standard, March 2012)The names on the spines of the Encyclopaedia Britannica form a litany. As a child, I browsed my way from Baltimore to Braila, Extraction to Gambinus, with a special stop at P-R: Plants to Raymond of Tripoli. That was from the fourteenth edition, with somber dark blue spines instead […]

  • The BS column: The Brothers (and Sisters) Grimm

    (Published in the Business Standard, March 2012.)They were the best of stories, they were the scariest of stories, told in an age of wisdom, forgotten in an age of foolishness, collected in an epoch of belief, rewritten in an epoch of incredulity. 2012 may be Charles Dickens’ bicentenary, but it also marks another great storytelling […]