Month: September 2011

  • Banned Books Week, 26 September-1 October 2011

    Every year around this time, I dust off two old pieces I’d written on banned and censored books in India, here and here. I read through these lists with a sense of failure: for all of our pride in India’s democracy, the rise of Indian writing in English and this country’s openness to argument and […]

  • Delhi: Emergency numbers

    Police numbers/ stations/ helplines: Police 100 Commissioner of Police 3319661(O) 3319721(O) Police Headquarters 3352678 Chanakyapuri Police Station 3011100, 3012003 Parliament Street Police Station 3361100, 3542700 Tughlak Road Police Station 3014878, 3012100 Tilak Marg Police Station 3382100 Fire Service 101 Ambulance 102 Accident & Trauma 10999 Hospitals Emergency numbers for #RML hospital: 23348200 23404446 23743769 23404478Emergency […]

  • The khichdi conundrum

    (From my food writing files, in honour of the weather, this August 2010 piece on khichdi, carried in the Business Standard.) As the rain clouds settle in and the skies darken, a primitive instinct kicks in: like so many Indians, I must make or eat khichdi, preferably with the accompaniments, but at need, just the […]

  • The furore over 2(m) and parallel imports

    The problem with the debate over parallel imports is that it has, inevitably, pitted the interests of readers, students and academics against the interests of authors, publishers, and well, readers again. As someone who might write books at some point, and who’s worked in the publishing industry, I was very glad to hear that the […]