Month: May 2011

  • Speaking Volumes: Badal Sircar–the conscience keeper

    (Published in the Business Standard, May 17, 2011)What can I write? I am no writer of essays. I am a theatre man. I wrote some plays because I am a man of the theatre, not because I am a writer.” Badal Sircar, letter to The Drama Review, November 1981.There were few headlines; the death of […]

  • If we discussed men the same way that we talk about women…

    (Thousands of women come out on the streets to protest via SlutWalks, after a Toronto constable suggests that women could protect themselves better by not dressing like sluts.) “Of course he’s a rapist, did you see the trousers he was wearing? And that vest? Why would a man wear that kind of clothing if he […]

  • Speaking Volumes: The Bin Laden bookshelf

    (Published in the Business Standard, May 2011)“We pray that you do not take these statements out of turn or consider them to step outside the bounds of etiquette.” In 1994, the words of the late Osama bin Laden were measured, almost diffident, as he began to articulate his sense that the Muslim world was under […]