Month: November 2010

  • Getting Around Your City: A User’s Guide For Women

    (I wrote this for Jagori and Gauri Gill’s Transportraits, an exhibition on women and mobility in the city. It’s somewhere between a rant and a cross letter to the editor. And two brilliant examples of what the exhibition had to offer: Blank Noise’s Step By Step Guide To Unapologetic Walking Amruta Patil’s Navigation, Safe Passage.) […]

  • Book review: Beautiful Thing, Sonia Faleiro

    (Published in the Business Standard, November 2010.) Beautiful Thing: Inside the Secret World of Bombay’s Dance BarsSonia FaleiroPenguin/ Hamish Hamilton,Rs 450, 216 pages In Maximum City, Suketu Mehta’s 2005 blockbuster about Bombay, he writes about his relationship with a bar dancer who grew to confide all of the details of her life to him, from […]

  • The BS Column: Silenced in Burma

    (Published in the Business Standard, November 12, 2010) At the height of Stalin’s rule, Mikhail Bulgakov was learning an aspect of the craft of writing that is rarely taught in creative writing courses today: the art of outwitting the censor. This practice, well-known to all writers who live under dictatorships, could lead to bizarre leaps […]

  • The BS Column: P Lal and Writers Workshop

    (Published in the Business Standard, 9 November 2010) In the homes of Indian writers of a certain generation, there’ll always be the Writers Workshop shelf, given over to hand-bound books, the cloth borders taken from Orissa saris, the title often hand-calligraphed. You don’t find them in bookstores that often these days, but there was a […]

  • The BS Column: The sofa-cum-bed conundrum

    (This was first published in the Business Standard, 2nd November, 2010) In the 13 years since Arundhati Roy wrote and won the Booker Prize for God of Small Things, her position in the pantheon of small goddesses has shifted and changed radically. She and Salman Rushdie were, for a while, part of the India Shining […]

  • Criticising the media–Mitali Saran’s column

    (I’ve written for Business Standard for over 15 years now, and never in that time been asked to censor my opinions. The only column they couldn’t carry was one on the Ambani book, Polyester Prince, because the matter was sub-judice and we couldn’t legally comment on it at the time. It was very distressing, then, […]

  • The BS Column: The marketplace of outrage

    (I’m running behind on blog updates–my apologies. This was published on 26th October in the Business Standard. This is part of a series of articles and columns I’ve been writing over the last ten years on censorship and free speech issues–I wish the politics of this country hadn’t made that archive necessary.) “What we have […]