Month: October 2010

  • PEN India statement on Rohinton Mistry and Such a Long Journey

    (My apologies, this should have been posted earlier; I’m travelling at present.) PEN Statement on Rohinton Mistry Ban THE PEN ALL-INDIA CENTRE 20 October 2010 Dear Friends and Colleagues, The PEN All-India Centre strongly condemns the removal of Rohinton Mistry’s novel, Such A Long Journey, from the SYBA syllabus of the University of Mumbai’s Literature […]

  • The BS column: Rohinton and the Rat Pack

    (Published in the Business Standard, October 17, 2010. This was written before The Buck Stops Here show on Rohinton Mistry and the withdrawal of his book from the Mumbai university syllabus.) “That you say you are offended, insults me mortally. And if you insult one Rat mortally, you offend all Rats gravely. And a grave […]

  • Copy, Paste: The India Today plagiarism case

    The India Today plagiarism case makes me think of the Ananda Bazaar Patrika library system, also known as Shaktida. Shakti Roy was the unacknowledged genius who ran the group’s archives for years, long before the Internets made it easy to Google everything under the sun. He had the mind of a superior search engine; if […]

  • Bats in our Belfries

    (Published in Outlook Traveller, October 2010)If it hadn’t been for a decade of reading Gerald Durrell, I may never have dated a man who was the companion of the Princess of Patparganj. The Princess, who was treated like royalty and had better manners than most of the nobility, was a young, comely pink piglet who […]

  • The BS column: The Nobel over the century

    (Published in the Business Standard on October 5, 2010, three days before the Nobel went to Mario Vargas Llosa.) This Thursday, the next Nobel Laureate in Literature will be announced. Salman Rushdie, alas, is way down on Ladbroke’s list of betting odds along with Mahasweta Devi, but some would consider 66/1 a sporting chance — […]

  • The BS Column: Naipaul-The Twilight of his Travels

    (Published in the Business Standard, September 21, 2010) I think it’s very good to ask yourself who you are and why you’re here and what has made you.” In 1974, when V S Naipaul made that statement to an audience of students, he had been asking himself those questions for over a decade. Twelve years […]