Month: September 2010

  • The DSC Prize for South Asian Literature: The (revised) longlist

    (Following a clarification on the rules of eligibility regarding publication dates for the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature, the jury is happy to announce the revised longlist. It was brought to the jury’s attention that two novels previously discussed and endorsed were, under the rules, eligible for contention in the final analysis. Here is […]

  • The BS column: Naipaul’s twilight travels

    (Published in the Business Standard on September 12, 2010) “I think it’s very good to ask yourself who you are and why you’re here and what has made you.” In 1974, when V S Naipaul made that statement to an audience of students, he had been asking himself those questions for over a decade. Twelve […]

  • A Touch of Strange: The Booker shortlist 2010

    (Published in the Business Standard, September 14, 2010)The Booker shortlist doesn’t always offer the best books of the year—judges are fallible, the competition intense, and it often happens that works left off the list will continue to find readers and faithful acolytes. A few years ago, Joseph O’Neill’s Netherland failed to make the cut, but […]