Jaipur Lit Fest, Day 3: in brief

Let’s put it this way.

Roddy Doyle, Vikram Chandra, Louis de Bernieres, Hanif Kureishi, plus Sister Jesme, Lawrence Wright and others–all on the same day. On the discussion table: cognition and reading, and what parts of your brain light up when you’re deep in a book; Al Qaeda; empire and the new-new orientalism; revamping religion; the perseverance of the Diana myth.

Sensory overload, or to quote a friend: “This fest is on steroids, dude.” Expect your Day 3 reports on Day 4, after the H M Naqvi performance rap this evening.

Until then, read him or him.





One response to “Jaipur Lit Fest, Day 3: in brief”

  1. P2C2U Avatar

    From those of us who couldn't make it to the Fest, thanks for the daily reports!

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