Month: July 2009

  • "I’m a broad with a broad, broad mind"

    Katie Roiphe analyses stripper memoirs: “Our heroine has a feminist interpretation of the strip club world that she would like to share. This feminist interpretation may be hopelessly confused, often contradictory, and sometimes incoherent, but the author will nonetheless drape her experiences with women’s studies jargon….It is puzzling that such promising and prurient subject matter […]

  • The BS Column: Crossword shortlists 2009

    (Published in the Business Standard, 29 June 2009) In the eleven years since the first Crossword award was instituted, several groups of people have benefited. The awards have been handed out for nine years—it took a three-year break from 2000 to 2004—and the categories have expanded from just English fiction by Indian writers to include […]