The Crossword Award: translators

Translators, briefly profiled–Prema Jayakumar (“There has to be an emotional involvement”) and Ira Pande: “It seems to me that each time we present a book as a translated work, we offer an apology for writing in a language that is not the globalised and the mainstream one. This shows a terrible lack of faith in our literary worth and self-image.”

Prema Jayakumar’s translation of M S Sethu’s The Wind from the Hills and Ira Pande’s translation of the late Manohar Shyam Joshi’s T’ta Professor are on the shortlist for the Vodafone Crossword award, winners to be announced next week on the 23rd.

There’s an interesting discussion of the award in the comments section of this blog: does the Crossword matter to readers?





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