The Ishiguro Album

“The mere fact that she was listening to him seemed to draw fresh layers from his imagination, and in the hours between these afternoon sessions, he’d often find himself preparing a piece in his mind, anticipating her comments, her shakes of the head, her frown, the affirming nod, and most gratifying of all, those instances she became transported by a passage he was playing, when her eyes would close, and her hands, almost against her will, began shadowing the movements he was making.”

‘Cellists’~from Nocturnes, by Kazuo Ishiguro

My personal Nocturnes playlist (most of these are mentioned in the book; a few are my riffs):

The Godfather, in Venice

By the time I get to Phoenix (Isaac Hayes)
I Fall in Love Too Easily (Chet Baker)
…and Keith Jarrett…
One for my baby (and one more for the road)(Frank Sinatra)

Come Rain or Come Shine (Judy Garland)
Georgia on my Mind (Ray Charles)

Lover Man (Sarah Vaughan)
…and Billie Holiday…
…and Norah Jones…

April in Paris (Sarah Vaughan, net radio)

…and Thelonious Monk…

Dancing Queen (ABBA. Ick.)

My Foolish Heart (Bill Evans)

The Nearness of You (Connie Boswell)

…and Keith Richards…

Black Orpheus (solo, Ray Brown)

The Godfather theme (Slash)





One response to “The Ishiguro Album”

  1. Dheeraj Avatar

    Reminds me of a poem by Neruda."Only the music moved. Milks, feathers, skins,names and smoke–nothing else was, neither nightnor the day, as the planets emerged from the music'seclipse to a rustle of music like drapery.All at once hot and cold curdled into a drop…a world's lonely musiccongealing and plunging and trying its changes: the meteor'sshape, shapes of the harp and the zither, the silence, the stone….Listen: that solitude turning to music againas all seems to widen and fail past my knowing–air, time, and the rains, a thing in the waves and the feathers.And oblivion wakes for the harp."

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