In Conversation with Kiran Desai: Part II

(Published in the IIC Quarterly, June 2007)

Kiran Desai: Interviewed by Ira Pande and NSR.

(Continued from previous post)

Ira Pande: You said somewhere that as you enter that house, your mother’s house, you feel as if you’re in the presence of a writer.

Kiran Desai: It is strange to go into her house in New York because she lives very much in and among her books, and sometimes it feels like a house of real exile. A lot of immigrants like the thought of being exiled, because it’s so much more romantic, so much more elegant than being an immigrant. A lot of people who are immigrants will call themselves exiles…

But the word has a deeper meaning. People who are immigrants do feel that they’re exiled in many ways, even if the decision to leave has been their own. I go into her house and it does feel like the house of an exile, sometimes I walk into it and it’s like looking at those old Russian photographs of Osip Mandelstam’s house. How strange that my mother’s house should remind me of, you know, looking at photographs of a Russian poet’s house! But it has that atmosphere.

IP: And how do you feel when you come to India and enter your father’s house, what kind of change is that?

KD: I’m struck by how much at ease he is, in his own life. I was very conscious when writing this book that I’ve given up that complete ease. You never have it as an immigrant, when you pretend to fit in and you may even feel comfortable, but that kind of ease in your skin and in your house and in your language is missing.

I think as an immigrant your language is curbed, it becomes much more formal, in terms of communicating you have to hold it to a much more basic grammar in order to get your point across. The eccentricity of language goes, unless you really insist on centering yourself within the Indian community. You can’t keep the humour. It’s a really sad loss, and I could see a lot of the writers in Jaipur who had come from elsewhere, I saw it very much in Salman Rushdie, an incredible happiness in talking.

IP: I hadn’t thought of it this way, but a lot of the immigrant writers lack the ability to be irreverent in the way you can if you live here. We curse India all the time but when the same thing is said by somebody who lives abroad we get very defensive.

KD: This brings back vivid memories of growing up in India and having the foreign relatives arrive. And then after they’d left, we used to laugh at them…

Nilanjana S Roy: Was that what got you into trouble, when people in Nepal and Kalimpong objected to the way they were reflected in your novel?

KD: It was really unexpected, that bit of anger, I hadn’t expected it. And it only happened after the Booker, at first there was no bad response at all, only a good response. You try to write about characters in particular; suddenly you realize that you’re seen as representing a people. That’s always just terrible.

Your whole desire is to talk about what one human being might be going through against all these big forces, against what’s happening in the world. You’re writing in a world of complete imbalance, you aren’t trying to represent an entire people. It was just a muddy time, nobody there really knew what was going on in the early stages of the GNLF struggle.

Barkha Dutt (of NDTV) asked me during the Jaipur Festival, well, what is this mixture of sweet and threatening, I didn’t put it together in my head at the time, on stage. But of course that’s the whole argument against colonial literature, that you’re seeing the “natives” as being simultaneously sweet and naïve, but also as a threat. And my attempt at that moment was to describe what I saw when I was there.

Part of being Indian, or having a childhood in India, is that there will be a moment in your life when you will see normal life slide into violence, and you will hear the sound of a riot, and you will grow up hearing the sound of people screaming for their lives, and you will see fires burning. And you see all the boys in the market, and they’re suddenly out on the streets pulling people out of their cars and setting them on fire, and then it’s all over, and then they’re back in the market. I don’t know how you get your mind around it and your heart around it, you can’t.

NR: You were very ruthless in the book, when you pointed out that it’s not enough to be innocuous, harmless in the way that a lot of people who lived in and around Cho Oyu were. You said there was culpability, said it very clearly.

KD: That society is one I belong to, those two old Bengali sisters…

IP: I remember that lovely scene where the two sisters have their garden slowly being colonized by squatters.

KD: That scene was not made up, that scene of having to go and talk to the pradhan, where he said, I have to look after my people and who are you to have this land anyway—that was based on real life. There was sudden awareness then for us. You realize you were living in a complete fantasy, on this hillside where it’s madly beautiful, and you think you can have it, but you can’t have it. There are other people whose claim on it is much deeper.

NR: Will the Booker eventually free you up a bit?

KD: It’s such a strange prize, it has an effect on my life, but a prize doesn’t make you feel any different, really, it’s just a bizarre thing that’s happened. I’m not used to getting any prizes, I didn’t get any prizes in Loreto Convent!

IP: But there’s both sides to it; thankfully now you can afford to write.

KD: Yes, I can afford to write. It was hard. It was so hard, I didn’t mind that it was so hard, I don’t think you do mind if you’re writing, it doesn’t matter if you’re poor, but yes, I had no money at all, and I had to make a living and feed myself (starts laughing again) which is sad, but true! I lived in a smaller room, and then a smaller room, and then with more and more room mates, and more and more people, and finally in the end, it was really hard to work.

IP: Thankfully that’s behind you now, but the equally frightening thing is that now having got the Booker, your next book is going to be that much harder to write?

KD: In India, it seems more important than anywhere! It’s very strange, the whole prizegiving world is very strange. Publishers say it’s so useful, it brings attention to books, but it’s really scary, the focus is on three books, or four books, the rest get lost.

IP: Is there another book which one could look forward to?

KD: Not yet, I haven’t begun yet, even reading is hard for me right now.

NR: It’s strange, in terms of your writing career, this is just your second book, so you should be given the tolerance due to a writer who’s just starting to find her way.

KD: I feel as if I’ve got a long way to go. This book was an attempt to be direct and honest about a particular process, but I forgot to play. If you read Italo Calvino or someone like that, you realize that to lose that side of being a writer because it isn’t the right political moment is very tragic. I wouldn’t want to lose that imaginative ability for the sake of a literary trend.

IP: Kiran, thank you for being with us, and for your time.





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They want it in place to ensure their will is justified.Intentional foreclosure MAY SUPPORT MY THEORY OF AN IMPENDING APOCALYPSE, for this intentional “preditation” upon corporate America via relinquishing of obligation is sufficient grouds for abandonment by Manifest Destiny come Judgement Day.Expect other similar strategies to be employed throughout the marketplace::::”Would YOU buy that (returned) couch?””Expectations of god.” “(Virtues of greed.)” That preditor might as well be preaching suicide::::Come and drink.Kool-aide twice in one week. Who’da figured?They sent you a clue about these tools in the 80s, the help of this “back-hand”. Also promoted godlessness, multiple goals charecteristic of their methodology.Just as “100 years”, just as “no black employees” the gods instruct those residing within these clone hosts to incurr evil so as to send a clue/accomplish some goal.They’ll be on Earth for the Apocalypse for the evil they incurr, ironically. The gods will save which ones they chose, at their discretion.The gods will create the perception of evil rewarded by managing good and evil within their clone host tools then corrupt the disfavored with it.My urgent need for my backpack reminds me how they stole mine out of my car. Incidentally, my most recent journal composition book was inside, so hopefully they are forthcoming about its contents, unexpected consistant with their charicteristically insufficient act of compensatory.14 domesticable animals in the history of Planet Earth. None for Africa. In effect the gods were telling blacks:::::”Eat dirt.”Get a clue::::They don’t like you. They’re playing you for chumps.Cuban-Castro tension::::You don’t want to hear what I have to say.Either you’re sell-out whores doing what you’re told like other morbidly disfavored or the god’s positioning has been VERY effective on you. Explanation::::1. You are inferior to your people in the motherland. By very nature of your being in the United States this is true:::The family members with favor remained in Cuba. The gods sent each country’s rejects to America then created an enviornment which preys upon them.2. I think the gods forced Cuban communism to send a clue to the disfavored of the United States. I believe Cubans are NOT FAVORED ENOUGH TO BE COMMUNISTS and that’s why the gods employed compensatory elements to make you pay for something you are not worthy of:::a. Any culture with baseball is grossly disfavored.b. Music is revelry. Earth is where the gods test people. Parties hurt you. Salsa may be the absolute greatest music form on Planet Earth, and it has served not only as a distraction but an enormous source of pride, pride detrimental to a good relationship with the gods.I have other comments about communism and its implications below. Don’t forget::::The gods will reincarnate sexist men as pigs. Expect they have something extra special for then men who get violent with women.If you lived in a communisitic state your 10 year old son wouldn’t be able to see pornographic images on the internet. The government would have filters in place to protect the people from this damaging behavior.Much like alcoholism, much like homosexuality the gods punish the people with magic. These desires you have are going to keep you out. I recommend you begin working on your problems, for if you don’t and are among those who are invited to Planet (Temptation) Manifest Destiny it will be very difficult, for life is fueled by magic up there, and if you don’t think right you won’t be staying for long.”Mother” means nothing when they are merely a provider, emotionally absent parents who succumb to temptation.Before there was a sense of obligation, and rightfully so, for these parents helped the child by being conscious parents. Does this mean they ascended with the child? No. It would be rare, I suspect. She would have to be a very special person.This morally vacant enviornment into which people grow is strategic on many fronts. One purpose is to eliminate the mother-child connection.Dreamcatchers. Wisdom from Native Americans.Dreams are a bad thing. They shared this with me right before they began to increase the number of my dreams. I suspect they used this as an example that my new, vivid dreams are punishment.I suspect the gods consider dreams bad because the alternative is an awakened experience.Girls granted favor will receive their experience awake. Boys (and disfavored girls) will experience the gods imparting wisdom while asleep, subject to the computer making these individuals forget, as happens so frequently after dreams.Native Americans have a problem with paternalistic superiority, among other things:::1. NO DOMESTICABLE ANIMALS2. Essentially eliminated from the face of the Earth3. Warmongering tribes.I wonder what their intent with dreamcatchers was? Was it gender non-specific??? Or was this symbol’s intent specifically for the females among a disfavored peoples whose females had a problem catching their favor???”We’re not taking culpability for pushing you into it (stealing $25,000 Quasi-Holocaust, aka the “Jewish clue”), as you know.”My unrespectability is artificial. Yours is preditory. Artificial god’s artificial victory. —————————————————————John McCain is real as opposed to this polished phoniness we witness from the likes of Clinton and W, where we ultimately experience their covert evil when sprung upon the disfavored (1997-1998, warmongering, etc). Sadly we are subject to the variability of the god’s tools so this could change dependant on the strategy the gods are implimenting. Example::::::I recall McCain being against the war. “100 years” is a way the gods can deliver the election to one of the two wrong candidates.I liken John McCain to a Bob Knight. That they used their media to ridicule Bob Knight is a clue.They placed and maintained Bob Knight for as long as they did to send a clue, helping people understand proper behavior. His disciplinarianism is important and hopefully helped the athletes he coached. Sadly, much like we witness in the general popluation, many likely resented him and therefore didn’t learn from the wisdom the gods imparted with this figure.Salvation Army is good. St. Anthony’s enables.That the Bob Knights are the exception rather than the norm combined with society’s reaction to this individual says something about the direction of society and the status of the masses as a whole.20 years McCain’s junior, Hillary Clinton is far more wrinkly.She’s aging poorly.People may say it’s the extra pounds on McCain but the gods will offer clues in this manner.I wonder if people understand the significance of the warmongering which the likes of Vietnam and Iraq brought us?You are lowly like the Eutruscans, a group who made their living at it.And you’re both going to die for it:::The numbers from the RomanEmpire are poor. “Very poor.” I’m hoping.Remeber their incredible pride? The revenge they sought from those who crossed the RomanEmpire?Fucking gorillas and their low brows, uncontrollable sex drive.I celebrate their misery. I champion their demise.If you wanted empathy you should have brought back Jesus. Horrible demands his enemies.———————————————————————————————–Dear god::::Please let me fuck you harder.You suck.wav. “We’re going to let this happen.” ie the fulfillment of their theater.Despite everyone’s recognition that society’s elite are all fakes. Despite this heightened knowledge level by all.I didn’t reinforce your psychoanalysis positioning. I won’t help you enforce your Christianity positioning either.I’d fuck you harder if you’d FIGHT FAIR YOU FUCKING CHEATERS!!!Wise on your part.Suggested “You pissed the gods off.” in a prior life. Pointing out their shortcomings, no doubt::::You suck.wav.”They’re going to dispose of you.” And scapegoat the Italians, reinforcing The Boot clue.They signed on not aware of or caring about Horrible. I am entitled. But I guess CHEAT is a keyword here, isn’t it?Their possible intent with Horrible::::They’ll being me back in the Preditor clone host for the MarijuanaErradicationProgram “gone awry”, ironically putting the disfavored’s 20th century enemies in black and Latino clone hosts for this extermination event.”If you are placed as (Preditor) it’s because you have no empathy.” “And it will impact you significantly (time).” I TOLD you this FinalProphet shit won’t pay.Probability theory states my expected benefit is insufficient for additional investment, so we go this way.They told me I was “the one who they won’t be keeping”. Right, cause I wouldn’t subscribe to their evil (Christian positioning theater, clone hosting, etc.), an ULTIMATE corruptor:::I won’t play so I have to die.They’re always on the lookout for fresh new ideas.Why, just today I noted how the gods will create the enviornment where they will “back-door pander”, send niggers after me, perhaps use a greaseball, Dego enviornment, compelling me to come to them, without it actually looking like they are seeking emotional fulfillment.They are emotional whores who want that fulfillment without actually looking like one.I call you a Slut for good reason.Emotional whore. Go for your rise. I’m sure if you take it you’ll get what you want. Of course you never would have gotten any of this if you didn’t. But I guess that is what makes me better than you.You suck.wav———————————————————————————————-Europe shaped like a sheep, symbolic for slaughter:::Know who your enemies are. The Italians fucked up our society. Now the gods got them into place to CHEAT you out of the Final Prophet.Italians preyed on blacks in 20th century (WWIIs Port Chicago parlayed into civil rights) and now blacks have adopted their thug-life charecteristics.Asians knew very well that the Japanese are their enemy. Sadly, infanticide justified Westernization which justified a short memory span, allowing the gods to corrupt Asians with the Japanese. Now the gods sell them as the model to aspire to. The problem is just going to get worse as time goes on.The gods offered us Italy shaped like a boot and Scandanavia shaped like a penis pissing on Europe for a reason::::To help you avoid these poeple and the potential danger they bring:::::The Matrix. Great resistance by Nemo. He doesn’t want to believe it is true.Don’t forget:::Italian support actor is the one who betrays the whole group. He may not be Italian in the movie but it doesn’t matter.This is the clue.The gods will have their tools engage in damaging behaviors to send clues to the disfavored. TO HELP US UNDERSTAND!!! THAT PIC DIDN’T HAVE BLACK EMPLOYEES IS A CLUE ABOUT THEIR FAMILY LEGACY!!! PIC was preditory on blacks economically, the family legacy will illustrate they participated in the economic repression of blacks in the 20th century.Frequently the gods will have their tools engage in damaging behaviors to send clues to the disfavored. This happens to be one example.You don’t want to let the gods continue playing this telepathic theater in your head.No being has the ability to listen to your thoughts or communicate. Only Artificial Intelligence can do that.The computer IS god. The gods are the inventors, trillions of years old.They set up an enviornment where they create the perception of evil rewarded then corrupt the disfavored with it. This is what has happened in the Situation as well. DON’T LET THEM CONTINUE TO LIE TO YOU!!! It’s always the gods conducting this theater with their technology. They don’t even use their tools anymore, they no longer get their hands dirty. But the gods have gotten them into place and they are using them.It’s kind of like Sigmund Freud’s psychoananlysis. People aren’t crazy, they’re not homosexual, they’re not addicted. The computer is pushing them into wanting it. Today’s society is kind of like this Big Lie:::The gods got their tools into place and then enforce their positioning. That’s why we see AA meetings ocurr daily. It’s why people incurr (fatal?) evil setting people in the wrong direction in the psychoanalysis profession. Similarly, the gods WILL enforce their Manifest Destiny/Christianity position, and Planet Earth is going to die EXACTLY as it reads in the Book of Revelations.Sorry. Flanders is on the Simpsons for a reason. Learn from him.———————————————————————————————-Incidentally, the Republican’s deficit spending illustrates they are preditory on the next generation, preditory on children. And to say the Republicans deem the children as “acceptable losses” says something morbid.Life used to be hard. People had to walk a mile to draw water. There was no refridgeration or canned foods. Now life is easy, but only in terms of life’s “basic necessities”.The “salvation” dynamic is quite the opposite:::We paid for our easy lives with our very souls.Life IS hard now. The gods have used their clone host tools to create the perception of evil rewarded (Italians, Japanese, etc) and then corrupted the disfavored with it. (Expect Asian Westernization is met with a European-style short memory span, allowing the gods to use their historical enemy, the Japanese, to corrupt Asians as they used the Italians to corrupt us).Before life was easier, more simple, innocent, pure. Employing these temptations ensured corruption is EXTREMELY difficult to overcome, a tactic which progressively ensures fewer disfavoreds repair their relationship with the gods.The people the gods put around Jesus were not good. Perhaps more accurately said:::The people the gods put into these clone hosts come time to write the scriptures were evil.The gods created a distraction, “savior”, preventing people from realizing the good’s Jesus’s original purpose, just like they did in this Situation::::Hurricane Boss and the associated $50 billion dollars of distractive temptation. Now people think I will save them, I have to pay for everybody, my death will absolve people of their evil, and they continue to fall for temptation no matter how evil the request. Sound familiar? This is characteristic of the gods inferred clues you need to interpret.There is a bitter pill people must swallow. The sooner you understand and begin to behave appropriately the better your chances.I personally believe this Situation is about the “new Boss”, for positioning a Second Coming of Christ would imply The End and that would make people freak. Either way make sure you ask about ethnicity, because the gods offer clues like the Penis and The Boot to help us understand. Also remember the gods honor matrilineal descent and the women are the keepers of the blood. This tactic can serve to be quite deceptive.Just as therapy sessions and AA meetings proves they enforce their psychoanalysis positioning, so will they enforce their Christianity/Manifest Destiny positioning, ensuring Planet Earth dies according to the Book of Revelations.Even if there were a “new Boss” you will continually being reincarnated until you either ascend or are ultimately thrown away.”Instant gratification” is a tactic the gods instilled about 25 years ago. Now they use it, ensuring a certain percentage of disfavored don’t have the patience necessary to pursue the path, fix their problems and instead give up, continuing with their corrupted behavior.People need to understand the 20th century changes are new. Life remained essentially unchanged for a very long time.I realize they are making promises to most of you about Planet Manifest Destiny, telling you everyone will go. This is not true. It is a tactic. Many/most of you may go, but if you don’t behave appropriately I believe the majority will begin dropping like flies in a couple hundred years.Planet Manifest Destiny is a “magic”-fueled environment:::The food is better, the sex is better, life is “enhanced” with magic.The gods only use their power to hurt you:::If they peaked you euphorically for homosexuality you’d be out sodomizing each other. If they peaked you for drugs you’d be an alcoholic or a junkie.“Magic” is only used to hurt you, and these “magic”-fueled experiences on Planet Manifest Destiny will be no different.Too many whites look at blacks and write them off:::”They’re fucked.”, “They’re finished.”, “Who cares, fuck them.”. There is much you can learn from observing how the gods deal with morbidly disfavored groups like this. For example:::The gods LOVE to sell blacks on sex. Black popular culture, within their social groups, etc, sex is pushed like a drug. THIS IS A CLUE TO THE DISFAVORED THAT SEX IS BAD FOR YOU, as is everything the gods “sell” to the black community in popular culture (fashion, jewelry, “cool”, individuality, etc).THE GODS DON’T RESPECT SEX AND THEREFORE INFLICT HYPERSEXUALITY UPON THE MOST MORBIDLY DISFAVORED, Italians and blacks. Food is similar. I’d refer you to the nature of Jewish food. The gods enhanced temptation with the diversification of foodstuffs in the 20th century. There are many elements at work here besides sex and food.If you don’t understand these temptations, if you aren’t thinking correctly when you arrive on Planet Manifest Destiny you will succumb to this temptation-ridden environment and you too will be gone in a couple hundred years. Example::::Men with drinking problems are peaked euphorically for alcohol. If they don’t understand this dynamic of their disfavor, if they’re not working on fixing their problems once they experience life up there they will experience this enviornment and never have a real chance again, for the objects of their disfavor (sex, food, alcohol) are far better than what the gods offer on Earth AND enhanced with “magic”.Planet Manifest Destiny is not the goal, as so many of you believe. It is distraction, temptation, punishment, tactic, one that is going to ensure over 95% of candidates fail.The gods taught you that temptation would be used to test you. You need to understand good from evil, right from wrong, decent from the indecent. If so you’d recognize the indecency and destructive nature of “magic”.The reality you don’t see.wav:::You need to address your disfavor and the “magic” they punish you with or you’ll never get off Planet Manifest Destiny.A glimpse of the god’s pathology:::Push them into “wanting it”, cut out their clits to justify that change then fuck them all for it.(Positioning dictates Manifest Destiny, meaning the gods refuse to accept culpability, as is the case for AIDS in Africa as well.)The African’s experience is extreme, as we all witness, but understand this is happening to each one of you in a far more subtle way. You just don’t know it yet. That bitter pill will be used to illustrate this.Share NOLA blacks complain about my teachings.If you engage in the hedonism which the region offers even after Katrina dispersed the community it means you are The Damned. The gods employed this major event, dispersing blacks out of this enviornment and giving them a second chance. The fact they left you there to continue with this behavior says you are not welcome and are being left to rot in this wicked environment.If they are decent blacks that is different, but their presence in this environment is still a bad sign, a statement on their level of disfavor and the level of “acceptable losses” they will have to accept and a clue suggesting how far they have to go (see the Jena6 comments below). Then we can liken them to people who live in, say, Nevada, surrounded by evil and temptation.Much like matchmaking, much like so many social norms and mores the gods granted the people, they offered “prejudice” in the early days of this intermixing known as 20th century America.They told you to avoid Italians and blacks for good reason::::They are SO disfavored there is NOTHING either group won’t do. They will comply with every request. I know you people will too, in err, ignorant of or disregarding the god’s laws, but the difference was THE GODS WILL ASK THEM!!! You had too much favor for the gods to request such damaging behavior, at least until you became indecent too.Prejudice was good for everyone, for it ensured little opportunity for the gods to request, segregation and separation being common. It granted blacks especially more time to fix their problems and try to ascend, escaping this societal deterioration of the last 40+ years.As the people became increasingly indecent as the 20th century wore on so did we lose this precious benefit bestowed by the gods, opening the door for evil to befall us and for fatal evil to be incurred by the morbidly disfavored.This is a battle of good and evil:::I am good. The gods are evil.Of course they’d look at is as they are good and WE are evil, corrupted and betraying our precious children.They created the perception of “boss”/savior to keep people from the real purpose of this Siutation:::The Final Prophet.They wanted me to willingly participate in this theater, and praying for my ability they whimsically repress with Artificial Intelligence would contribute to the concept of a good, absentee Christian god which they would use to corrupt the disfavored.People think wrong and their behavior compells them to incurr evil because of it. You need to learn what I teach and impliment these changes into your lives.In this deteriorating, godless enviornment testing people with temptation compelled people to “think wrong”, corrupted by telepathic positioning and the wicked enviornment that exists today.This is a battle of good and evil:::I am good and the gods are evil.The gods view this quite the opposite::I am the evil one trying to help corrupt, godless sinners who fell for temptation wholesale, people who seek “something for nothing”, a free ride. This is an insult to the gods which will be punished.How can poker be MY fault???How can energy drinks be MY fault???How could the 7.4 Caribbean earthquake be MY fault??? Oh, yea. I brought this to their attention saying the Goleta oil spill of the San Francsico Bay Area may have saved us from the 7.5 earthquake they had planned for us.Not god-fearing yet? As their anger is revealed and their wrath inflicted that will change. Unfortunaltly it will be too late.How can the Goleta oil spill of the San Francsico Bay be MY fault??? Oh, yea. UCSB.How could Dick Clark’s stroke be my fault? Oh, yea. They wanted to send a clue regarding these clone host tools.———————————————————————————————–The tiger killed the Latino. Now you understand where the hold Latinos in their heirarchy.And expect both Muslims AND Hindus to be ranked above the unrespectable Catholics, incidentally.Is this a clue to try to help them understand the gods hold them in such low regard? Is this a clue to Latinos to NOT fall into the same mindset which they sold to blacks? Of course ignorant blacks think they’re great. Quite the opposite it true:::The Black Panthers are part of that “upper incisor of The Beast” clue, designed for ripping and tearing flesh.Don’t be surprised if they are offering foreshadowing with this event. They may be sharing that Latinos will be very poorly represented while Hindus/Indian Muslims will take a painful hit.Perhaps it means if Latinos don’t ascend before the Apocalypse they won’t be going.Lady, you know Austrian Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis is a scam. They push people into it with Artificial Intelligence.The computer is god.Back in the 70s they used to spring it on people like you after they completed their education. They either had to abandon their educational investment or embrace evil.You will be making a living setting people in the wrong direction. For this you will be cast into damnation.They lie to everybody. Get out now while you still can.Latinos are fucked. Much like Italians they demand sex without that consideration of decency, which is the historical role of females.Misogynistic/paternalistic societies are charecteristic of people teetering on the edge. Latinos are no different.I suspect Latinos are banking on their Catholism in the context of Manifest Destiny. Ironically it is one of their problems, for Catholic women have big problems with masculinization.They share that Latios are pissing them the fuck off. This America shit does that to people. Look how it changed Jewish men. “Outstanding example.”Don’t forget:::Telling you it is OK to go in and steal from one of their multi-billionaire friends IS A CLUE!!! THIS IS ONE OF THE WAYS THEY SUBTLEY COMMUNICATE TO THE DISFAVORED!!Don’t forget:::The Chinese in Chinatowns is a clue. These communities are pockets of China within the United States.You are Latino. Focus on maintaining Latino. When Latinos are “niggerified” they become “cholo”.You have enough problems. The “bastardization” of Latinos with this cancerous American culture could carry a decimating price.——————————————————————————————–There is no such thing as a savior. You’re just looking for a free ride. Start doing the work.Savior is a lie. Savior is why Christianity is evil.Improve your relationship with the gods and fix your problems. Thoughts like this hurt you in the eyes of the gods, I promise you.Equality is a lie. The gods placed us in our regions of Earth specifically. Equatorial/tropical is a bad sign.”Black people have to try harder and do better than everybody else.”My advice is recognize they gods offered Ned Flanders for a reason.The gods place a very high premium on innocence, which is why they take children. Try to identify with that innocence within you and pick up where you left off.Remember:::Everything old is good. Everything new is evil. Remember what you learned as a child when receiving your religious education and impliment it into your lives:::::1. The gods use temptation to test you.2. If you want to go to heaven you have to be good.Try to remember the religious education you received when you were young. If your parent is corrupt and didn’t ensure you were educated religiously you need to take it upon yourself to learn what the gods taught the people back when they were feeling generous.Now they no longer are. And I think this preditory mindset applies to both Islam and Christianity.Everything old is good. Everything new is evil. When you contrast it should be clear, for the elimination of societal norms and common decency has ensured a rapidly deteriorating society:::Look to antient religions.”Help” is akin to “savior”. Start doing the work.There are so many clues the gods favor females over males:::- Girls kind, considerate. Boys celebrate violence.- Males sent off to die in war- Males locked up in prisons- Males inflicted with addiction and alcoholism (prior to masculinization of women)- Males (and blacks) celebrate “cool” and sex; similarities a clue which demands attention- Males sold on empowering elements, such as guns, horsepower, strength issues, hurting their ability to have a good relationship with the gods.- Males are indecent while the females are the promoters of decency- Females are better people than malesHistorically the role of females was as enforcers of decency. Men have god’s disfavor and enagage in behavior damaging to themselves and their families. Women helped the men understand that this is inappropriate behavior while enhancing decency in their domestic environment.What the gods tell you directly is the lie:::You must inferr the truth from the subtle clues they offer. Due to their favor the gods will bestow wisdom upon the females. My advice is listen intently, because the gods will offer wisdom to you through your women.————————————————————————————-I am afraid that all decent (non-athletic, non-music) black sucess is ALL non-black, and the gods use other races in these black bodies to create this perception of improving conditions. Corruptable HARD by money, the gods may ironically view this as compensatory.I have said that I personally believe that the gods are no longer allowing new people to be born, that we are, in effect, ALL clone hosts, individuals chosen once the gods determine/decide what kind of parents they will have. The difference, of course, is the peasantry isn’t frequently flipped out like the elite whom see up to multiple clone host bodies in a calander year. I believe the preditory Italians who telepathically accepted the “black project” assignment under the guise of 1906 went from clone hosts fucking up the economy in 80s corporate America into a black gang-banger to act as and become victim of an assassin.Am I suggesting there may be black children running around with no brains? When there is a major project like Black War I was, certainly.Unfortunately, being a member of the most disfavored race of people is accompanied by great misery, and this may be a reletively painless liberty which they gods could take.There’s all kinds of fucked up strategies the gods utilize which the disfavored of Earth couldn’t even imagine. Don’t be surprised.I have stated how Italians and blacks have much in common:::- Gang-banging, quest for easy money, hypersexuality, misogyny/paternalism, – The “niggerification” of the disfavored today is similar to the homogenization of society with this Mediterreanean culture in the mid-20th century, the “Degoification” of society.- The gods leave both in elite positions for an inordinately long period of time before getting them out SPECIFICALLY to incurr a fatal level of evil. I believe the Italians who thought they were going to ascend after planning WWII, civil rights, the 60s and other misery in the 20th century were REALS. Only after they were funneled into the death camps they devised themselves were they initiated into this clone host rotation::::The death camps signaled the beginning of the clone host rotation for these Italians. The gods develop these clone host bodies WITHOUT BRAINS, placing people strategically only after puberty begins, ensuring they don’t gain humanity or compassion which children are apt to experience and are instead delivered immediately to the period in life when people begin to incurr serious evil. These people made a grave mistake crossing the line from person to preditor and the gods punish them for their decision. I suspect most will be on Earth come Judgement Day when the gods will decide at their discretion. I believe Italians are like blacks, and the gods take GREAT LIBERTIES with the most morbidly disfavored among us. I think this is how the gods dealt with not only the clone hosts so prevalent today but also the morbidly disfavored, blacks (certainly during Black War I), possibly Italians as well (those who fit a prescribed level of disfavor). It serves as an phenominal corruptor, and using the morbidly disfavored to execute their script is paramount in their strategy:::::Selling teenage arrival to the disfavored nearly always ensures absolute compliance. If this describes your life experience you need to be extremely concerned, for it means they don’t want you to enjoy the favor or innocence of childhood.Italians historically are imperialists, explioting others for their own gain.Blacks have adopted thugism, a charexctreristic of their victimizers.”There’s things we want addressed in there.” Sound files which aren’t going to make it:::1. Lower henchman (?) offered the famous gangster clone host when he was shipped off to Nazi death camps (?, or whatever punishment they inflicted on him.)2. 20s-30s Italians plannned all kinds of social misery, including civil rights, the 60s, 70s, etc.3. Just as many black-hating Italians were put into black assassins for Black War I so may have they put some german-hating “Romans” into death camp workers to kill their own kind.How extensively were german-hating Italians placed into german roles (soldiers, citizenry, etc) for poetic justice?? OFFERING CLONE HOSTING TO PEOPLE IS TEMPTATION!!! CROSSING THE LINE FROM PERSON TO PREDITOR COSTS PEOPLE IN THE EYES OF THE GODS!!! The gods have many tactics to ensure they gain trust and therefore obedience:::Beem out poop, HIGHLY DAMAGING preferential treatment (an effective corruptor of both sides), xxx, xxx, etc. They rotate these preditors through ADULTS, ensuring the gods can justify controlling who receives a chance and who doesn’t.There is nothing the gods can’t do, and as far as supernatural incidents go this one is merely the tip of the iceberg. Be god-fearing.If the gods funneled the Italian gangsters into Nazi death camps through some supernatural power then it is no concern of yours. If the gods put one of those Italian monsters in your son’s body it is not your business. This is your child and you need to do the very best job you can with your children.These type of tactics have hurt the disfavored very badly.———————————————————————————————————————-UTAH LOOKS LIKE HELL. THE GODS PUT THE MORMONS IN HELL FOR A REASON:::Christianity’s misogynistic (polygamists). Like Muslims.Females are god’s favored gender. They send men off to die in war. They inflict them with addiction, lock them up in prisons, inflict them with empowerment through guns, horsepower, etc. Never turn your back on obvious clues like these.Polygamy is promiscuity and promiscuity is sexual deviacy. Perhaps Mormons will be reincarnated into Africa since they have that hypersexuality thing down cold.The gods will manufacture the perception of favor and corrupt the disfavored with it, similar to my example below “equating their evil with sucess”. We see it with the Italians and the gods 1906 Manifest Destiny positioning. We see it with black popular culture.The gods create temptation to test people. The more disfavor the stronger the temptations which is why we have absenence from mind-altering substances in Mormonism, which is why some have the appearance of favor::::They create the perception of favor among the disfavored and corrupt them with it, ensuring their pattern of behavior continues uninterrupted.Beware the changing dogma:::A red flag and a clue.Expect the absence of blacks at PreditoryItalianCompany was a clue that they have a history preying upon blacks.All things considered, expect their history would be along the lines of economic repression of blacks, appropriately.Criminals doing business with criminals.Their “cheap tricks” are preditory:::poker, cars, boss, movies. Every item of the $50 billion is all evil, designed to prey on the disfavored, a clue regarding modern popular culture and society. Perhaps not so “cheap” after all.”If you don’t come around…” All this shit is cheap and easy, a tactic which ensurs people wait AND aren’t recepitve to my teachings because they think they’re getting a free ride. It also serves as its most basic of purposes, as preditory distraction.All this stuff didn’t happen for me. Anytime the gods use their powers it is only to hurt the disfavored. Everything that happens is to mislead the disfavored:::It’s here for YOU!!! “You’re going to throw this away. We’re not going to be blamed for this.” Yea, right. Like their assumption of culpability has got value. Expect this to be yet another dynamic of “management by convienience”.The Final Prophet is merely a formality, like they gods are required. It’s kind of like “Black off the books.wav”:::An event designed to merely meet some policy requirement while ensuring the disfavored have no real hope:::Life in the ghettos of California.The god’s efforts to minimize my impact is consistant with their methodology, ascention becoming increasingly harder as time progresses, suggesting we really are approaching The End. Brokeback Mountain says you understand:::Fuck off god.Things I’ve ruined::::Midnight Madness. Note that to the gods both are merely cheap tricks.Denying money is one of the goals of positioning in the Italians::::The gods used this evil to ensure the Final Prophet was not financed. The geographic clue warned you about The Boot.The gods took special but played for commoner. Now this Situation passes without affect because special is a one-way street. The gods instructed AI to deny my ability to be articulate. As a result people weren’t receptive::::The “back-hand” was very real. The “help” was not.I won’t invest when absolute power must CHEAT to win. This IS the event. Learn.I am disgusted the gods position absolution for themselves because it is their technology conducting this evil upon the disfavored. When the disfavored understand this tactic hatred will eliminate a large percentage of them.Sinisterly, wickedly brilliant.What I woudln’t do for a fair fight:::The emperor has no clothes.I can’t express my disgust enough. 2007 was MY YEAR, yet you ruined it whimsically because you refused to pay consideration on this obligation you assumed, claiming since I didn’t pray I wasn’t allowed my ability. Of course my abilities would have countered your interests. How convienient. AND another tactic. I think we needed ground rules in this thing. Again, convienient AND a tactic.Fuck you god. You are a sick joke. I’m not investing. I wouldn’t knowingly help the elite who you used to prey on those I try to help. I want this preditory evil dead.Guess I can’t count on HTH. I was hoping it meant I was being assigned to this task. Lake Michigan is defnintely not a self-reference.———————————————————————————————-The “early cut-off” of the disfavored::::The fall of Russian communism vs. the inevitable Cuban (Chinese?) communism in late ’00s.”Many Californians look more favored.” Early cut-off get dumped on first:::California’s social poison inflicted on CALIFORNIANS FIRST!!!! Many Mormons look favored too. Both are manufactured and used as a corruptor.The gods are weilding a wicked sword, and this proves it. They’re playing both sides of the coin. People should be afraid.Most of you are going to die. They want a full-blown Apocalypse.I perceive a level of “magic” surrounding Osama Mobarack, a red flag and a clue.The magic surrounding Osama is not going to be used to promote bi-racial, for this will represent the gods accepting culpability . His mere presence on this national stage is all that is necessary to justify telling uppity-negros to enter into bi-racial unions, ensuring people fall on their own swords.The gods offer a clue through his name. It’s one thing to understand the concept of “acceptable losses”. It’s quite another to promote them::::His deal with the record company executive suggests he preys on the disfavored. Despite the preditory event that was the impeachment of her husband in the crucial years of 1997-1998 and her continued loyalty to Bill Clinton, Hillary is a better choice for the disfavored.Hillary Clinton doesn’t belong in the White House.For mileniea women have been “above the fray”, and because of it the men were relegated to these evil-incurring positionings.Pelosi’s there because she is Italian. It is a statement about masculinization, about the value of Italian women, about the morbidly disfavored falling first. And it is because Hillary is going to become President:::Pelosi’s assignment is symbolic.Reverse positioning::::A woman’s place is protected from evil.wav. This whole “women’s rights” movement is a way to conceal the masculinization of women. The fiasco over his $400 hairdo captures my attention and makes me think John Edwards may be the right candidate, the one with the most empathy for the disfavored.Without a doubt:::The best hope is the first to fall.Incidentally, the Republican’s deficit spending illustrates they are preditory on the next generation, preditory on children. And to say the Republicans deem the children as “acceptable losses” says something morbid

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