Book bookcases

No, that’s not a typo. Thanks to the Marginalien, I now know what to do with those hardbound copies of the prime minister’s 100 most boring speeches. They’re going to the incredibly creative Jim Rosenau, who–well, go and find out. This is the page where you discover the dirty little secrets behind the Humpty Dumpty Story.





2 responses to “Book bookcases”

  1. Marginalien Avatar

    Ooo — I forgot to mention, when I sent that link to you, that I got it via my endlessly resourceful friend Anvar. If he has a blog, I don’t know about it, so I can’t post a grateful back-link — what he does is share links that he comes across and his friends, in turn, send them onward, onward … until they wash up against a high-trafficked shore such as yours, O Khan of Kitabs!!

  2. Bharat Rajawat Avatar

    i liked your blog

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