We sent around the Guardian’s Great Escape links, which feature various writers on the topic of the books they read while travelling. (Part 1, Part 2; and note that the links on the Guardian’s page are bad – someone forgot t include the ‘’ bit, which we didn’t notice until Divya pointed out the error.) Weighing in: Bill Bryson (“I read the Archer as well, of course, and am not too proud to say that I was grateful for it, too. In fact, after Pnin and the telephone directory, it was one of my favourite reads of the trip.”), Kiran Desai, Dave Eggers, Pico Iyer, Ian McEwan, Jan Morris, DBC Pierre, Ian Rankin, Paul Theroux, and many others.

Naturally, we began thinking of books we have read while on the road. And found that none really came to mind. We tend to buy magazines when we travel, because we usually wind up looking out of windows, people-watching, sketching or writing when we travel. This despite packing in several books on each trip.

But perhaps your mileage (heh) varies. Care to leave a note?






3 responses to “Escapist”

  1. Filmiholic Avatar

    I recall being in Vilnius for a conference I was organizing, shortly after The Wall came down, in a new Danish-English venture of a hotel, in my austere little blonde wood room, reading Gita Mehta’s A River Sutra before sleep each night, which of course, is now one of the Top 10 memories I associate with that Central European city. Another is the very uneven and bumpy runway we took off from on the flight to Copenhagen afterward.

  2. Sharanya Manivannan Avatar

    Finally, a post! Good to know the absence wasn’t permanent.

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