Rushdie ka baap

The Jabberwock has lunch with Amitava Kumar–lovely piece:

Does he think of the Rushdie of today as more a P3 celebrity than a serious writer? “I do, yes,” says Amitava, “and that’s the short answer. The long answer is: he’s a very important figure for us (contemporary Indian authors working in English). Baap hai woh. Aur baap ko gaali dena buri baat hai.” A meaningful pause, and I can anticipate what’s coming next. “Lekin chutiya baap hai. Baap agar roz daaru peeke ghar aayega toh aap usko kitna respect denge?”





One response to “Rushdie ka baap”

  1. A_N_Nanda Avatar

    Aren’t writers judged (only)by what they write?Nandahttp://remixoforchid.blogspot.com

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