Month: January 2007

  • The post "spice and curry" generation

    Claudia Kramatschek writes about the new landscape of Indian writing in English. She mentions Rana Dasgupta, Altaf Tyrewala, Samit Basu, Sarnath Banerjee and several others: Many Indian authors – especially younger ones – will tell you that they experience a certain pressure, strengthened by internationally active publishers, to act as cultural ambassadors. In other words, […]

  • Shades of the Brontes

    Justine Picardie visits the Bronte parsonage in the company of two psychics: Before we go inside, Coral has already noticed something that interests her in the garden: two pine trees, one rather stunted, the other flourishing, on either side of what was once a gate that led from the parsonage to the churchyard. “Who planted […]

  • Who’s Surrey now?

    Too bad none of the William McGonagalls I know live in Surrey, B.C., or they could’ve picked up $75 by doing this: “As part of the exhibition “The Art of the Sari,” the Surrey Art Gallery is currently looking for poems written by B.C. writers that are inspired by the form and grace of the […]

  • Before prats, wallys and tossers

    The Oxford English Dictionary needs your help, to find out whether any of these words were in use earlier than the first reference they have to them.So what were you before 1959, apparently the year the word “kinky” came into popular usage? Merely twisted? And does it matter, given that you wouldn’t have known what […]